Project Description

ASB Environmental Limited (ASB) was contracted to project manage and oversee all asbestos works including the removal of asbestos insulating board (AIB) from multiple rooms at a secondary school in Peterborough.

This project ran whilst other contractors in the adjoining facility performed maintenance works in complete safety.

The Challenges

ASB Environmental initially conducted a full inspection and report about the premises. The report gave the client essential information on high risk asbestos containing materials (ACM), and the best practice to adopt for its safe removal.

Once the specifications were set, ASB managed the procurement process for the client and obtained quotes from abatement contractors and UKAS approved consultancies. The businesses reported to ASB and all method statements, risk assessments and notifications were fully checked and approved by the qualified Augean professional.

Ensuring the health and safety of anyone in the vicinity of asbestos is vital. At the start of the project all paperwork was copied and verified by the Augean representative. Equipment and materials were checked to ensure they were fully compliant with regulations. Only then, was the abatement company allowed to setup the decontamination unit and to construct the enclosure.

ASB instructed and checked that the enclosure had a three stage airlock and that all non-asbestos items in the enclosure were sealed during the works. ASB managed this via a pre-start audit.

Once the enclosure was ready, ASB triggered a smoke test that was checked by visual observation. When ASB was satisfied that the enclosure passed all safety checks – work commenced with the UKAS approved consultancy monitoring the air in and around the enclosure to ensure the control limit of 0.1f/m³ was not breached.

After all asbestos was removed, the enclosure was then cleaned by the UKAS approved consultancy via a four stage clearance process with ASB conducting visual inspections at stages 2 and 4. At the end of the project, it was ASB who confirmed to the client that the air was clean and free from any asbestos material.

The project was completed safely on time and within budget with no harm to other contractors or health and safety issues reported.

ASB Environmental Limited is part of Augean Energy & Construction. ASB covers the breadth of the UK and is fully accredited and approved by UKAS for the management and performance of asbestos related services.